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Our Mission:

Helping to support, and heal the body through consultations, nutrition, supplementation, bodywork, energy work, 

cleansing, holistic therapies and prayer.


Beat Cancer

   Cancer is a scary battle, and you need to prepare your body for war. Just like a soldier trains, and learns how to use all his weapons, so should you. We are here to teach you about your body, and help prepare you for the fight.

   Learn How to Help Your Body

Beat Cancer by Using the 

Gifts God has Given us.

   â€‹When you have cancer it is important to do whatever you can to help your body heal. Come and join with others who are going through the same things as you. We treat the body holistically, that means not only your physical body, but also your emotional, mental, and spiritual body.

  •  Learn what cancer is, how it develops, and why some people may grow it. Yes I said "grow it".
  • Learn how every body is different, and what you can do to help your specific body and individual needs.
  • Learn about nutrition, and how to make your body into a "cancer fighting machine" through what you put into your body. Food is something we consume every day. It is important that you are taking in foods that are helping your body, and not hindering it.
  • Learn about supplements including; vitamins, minerals, and herbs to help support the immune system, and even help kill cancer cells. 
  • Learn natural solutions that may help with the side effects of conventional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.
  • Learn how to oxygenate and disinfect the body trough the use of essential oils.
  • Learn how to reprogram the body with the use of homeopathics and flower essences.
  • Learn about natural therapies such as; bodywork, energy work, light therapy, sound and color therapy, foot detoxes, sauna therapy, polarity therapy, magnet therapy, energy exercises and much more.
  • Learn how to activate your faith, healing with affirmations, visualization, meditation, and prayer.
  • Find out more about the emotional, mental, and spiritual connection to why you may have developed cancer and things you can do to help heal it.
  • Please feel free to bring your loved ones, and caregivers with you. We are here to teach and be a support to them also.

First Time Cancer Consultation

   First time cancer consultation is the first visit with the Naturoapthic Doctor and Cancer Care Minister Jessica Pawlowski. At this initial meeting the cancer client along with their support partners (including as many friends and family member you want to bring) come to learn how to become a "Cancer Warrior".

   This appointment includes filling our paper work, while sipping on a Glass of Juice.  You will need to bring a list of all medications and supplements you are currently taking, any medical documentations that include your diagnosis, prognosis, past health issues, and your current plan of treatment.

   Then we will  Activate Your Faith in Healing by discussing what it takes to survive cancer, this is the first and most important step in your healing process.

   Next we will discuss What Cancer Is, and  the Eight Essential Steps in Healing Cancer which include: Activating Your Faith in Healing, Increase Oxygen, Balance pH, Mineralize the Body, Strengthen the Immune System, Detoxify the Body, Kill Cancer Cells, Heal Root Cause.

   At this point it is your choice whether you would like to pursue naturopathic services. The next recommended session would be a Cancer Consultation which includes evaluations and assessments of the cancer client.

Cancer Consultation Evaluation and Assessment

   This consultation is booked at a three hour appointment due to the importance in a full health consultation as soon as possible in order to start a supporting health program. At this appointment we will discuss your health information form that was filled out at the initial Cancer Consultation.  It is a good idea to bring all the medications and supplements your are currently taking. This is the time we will talk about what naturopathy is and discuss your health form.

   This session includes a Health Evaluation which looks at the outside of the body such as tongue, face, pulse, finger and toe nail analysis, and glandular body typing.

   By looking at these outside clues helps us to better understand what is going on inside the body. We will also be testing your saliva, and urine pH to check your biological terrain. This will tell us about the fluids your cells are bathing in. It will also tell us about your mineral composition in your body.

   Next is the Health Assessment, this allows the Naturopath to better assess the clients health by further investigating the body's organs, nutritional content, exposure to toxins, hormones, amino acids, chakras, and meridians through Muscle Testing.

    With all this information that has been obtained, the Naturopath is then able to put together some suggestions for a Natural Health Program to help improve your health naturally, and allow the body to "Heal from the Roots Up."

Three Hours $150

Oncology Massage

   Massage won't cure cancer, but it will provide both physical and emotional support to people who are dealing with cancer. Benefits of massage include: pain relief, reduces nausea, eliminating insomnia, promoting relaxation, anxiety, increases body awareness, helps restore lymph movement, reduces swelling, betters digestion and elimination, improves flexibility, improves the outlook on life, enhances self-esteem, and restores range of motion. Each massage session is adjusted to the cancer, the treatments, and the level of the person's health.

Half Hour $35    One Hour $50

Lymphatic Massage for Cancer

   Lymphatic Massage is a gentle, rhythmical, slow massage that can help to break toxins and carry them away from the body. This massage stimulates your lymph and bodily fluids. It helps eliminate toxins and trapped proteins in your tissues. It encourages flow of lymph into and through the lymphatic capillaries and toward the lymph nodes that drain the area being massaged.

   The lymphatic system is composed of lymph vessels, lymph nodes, and organs. Part of the body's defense system, the lymph nodes remove microorganisms and other foreign substances.    

   The main function of the lymphatic system is detoxification, but it also plays an important role in immunity. The passage of lymph into the lymph nodes also stimulate your immune system, help you to relax, an release stress and emotional trauma. It also decreases the sympathetic response and stimulates the parasympathetic tone relaxation, anti-spasmotic effects, and pain relief actions.

   It has been successfully used to alleviate conditions such as swelling (edema) of many origins and chronic pain. It activates lymph function and circulation and indirectly stimulates the circulation.

   Lymph massage is said to help remove fluids that are built up do to cancer treatments. It has also been proven beneficial as a post surgical treatment to manage secondary lymph edema resulting from the surgical removal of regional lymph nodes.

   Light, relaxing massage can safely be given to people at all stages of cancer. The circulation of lymph from massage does not cause cancer to spread. Researchers have shown that cancer develops and spreads because of genetic changes to a cell's DNA and other processes in the body.

One Hour $55

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 Lymphatic Massage

Reflexology for Cancer

   Reflexology is a holistic treatment that deals with the energy pathways that correspond to all the glands, organs, and part of the body. It is a unique method of using the thumb and fingers to reflex these areas on the feet and/or hands.

   There are 7200 nerve endings in each foot. These nerve endings correlate with the entire body.

   Cancer patients face stress, fatigue, and some times nausea. Reflexology can support relaxation and comfort during cancer treatments, and can help support the health of all the organs in the body.

One Hour $55

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Raindrop Therapy for Cancer

   Raindrop therapy is a technique that involves putting specific oils for cancer onto the reflex points of the feet along with dropping oils on to the spine. These oils are then worked into the spine by using light strokes. This treatment takes one hour but these oils will continue to work in the body for a week or more following the treatment. This procedure is recommended 2-3 times a month.

One Hour $100

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Raindrop Therapy

 Prayer Room

for Cancer

 Color & Sound Therapy Room

for Caner

 Foot Soak Therapy Room

for Cancer

 Infrared Sauna

for Cancer

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Holistic Cancer Support Clinic

   At the Tree of Life Natural Health Center we believe healing comes from God. If you have cancer please come and visit of Holistic Cancer Support Clinic. No matter what path you may choose for your treatment we are here for you. Giving you a place to rest, activate your faith in healing, helping you to rebuild and detoxify your body, while putting your healing in God's hands. Remember when we rest, God works.

Services Include:

Activating Your Faith in Healing



Color Tonation 

 Energy Exercises

Color Therapy 

 Sound Therapy

Ionic Foot Detox

 Foot Soaks

Infrared Sauna 



 Holy Communion

Spiritual Healing 


   Call to register for your first appointment. This appointment includes filling out paper work, while sipping on a Glass of Juice. This information will then be evaluated by our Naturopathic Doctor to make sure which therapies are appropriate for you.

   Next, you will be lead to Activate Your Faith in Healing in our Prayer Room. This is the first and most important step in your healing process. Believing that you can be well, and putting your Faith in God for your healing. You will then be lead to give your disease to Him, and encouraged to put on the Full Armor of God, preparing for the battle you are fighting.

    After this initial appointment, you can choose the daily services you want to do, including the use of the Prayer Room, Healing Energy Room, Foot Therapy Room, Infrared Sauna, or you can follow a program that has been suggested for your healing. During this service time, feel free to listen to our library of Healing CD's to allow meditation on God's Healing Word,watch DVD documentaries on natural cancer care, or visit with others who are going through the same things you are.

Clinic is Open:

Tuesday - Thursday

10:00 - 2:00

Prayer and Meditation Room for Cancer

   In our healing prayer room you are encouraged to pray and meditate. Feel free to light some incense and candles, put on the prayer shawl, recite affirmation, do visualizations, put your disease on the cross, write down your prayers, and take Holy Communion any time. This is your special time with God.

Color & Sound Therapy Room for Cancer

   In this room you will receive Vibrational Healing work. A normal human body vibrates at a frequency of 62 - 68 mHz. Cancer vibrates at a frequency of 42 mHz. Colors, sound, flower essences, and essential oils have frequencies that range from 128 - 963 mHz. When these tools are used on the body, this frequency acts like a stone being thrown into a pond, creating a ripple effect of vibration throughout the entire body, raising the energetic vibration of the body. Through the use of Color Tonation, Color Therapy, Sound Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Energy exercises along with meditation, helps to raise the energetic vibration of the body, helping the body to heal.

For More Information...

 Color Therapy

 Color Tonation Room

 Sound Therapy

 Sound Therapy Room

Foot Soak Therapy Room for Cancer

Ionic Foot Detox

   An ionic foot detox helps to remove toxins, heavy metals, and cellular waste from the body. This process is painless and takes approximately 30 minutes. An ionic foot detox involves filling a foot bath tub with clean water, then sea salt is added, this sea salt works as a conductor. An array is then connected to the ionic foot cleanse unit and is placed in the water. This results in positive and negatively charged ions being circulated throughout the body. These ions act like magnets to attract the oppositely charged ions of toxins, heavy metals, and cellular waste. These toxins are then excreted through the 2000 pores of the feet in to the water.

Contraindications include: If client has a pace maker, on heart arrhythmia 

medication, pregnant or lactating, chemotherapy, radiation.

Therapeutic Foot Soaks

   Depending on what toxins need to be removed, certain ingredients are added to water to soak the feet in to release specific toxins that are stored in the body. These ingredients can help to pull these toxins out of the body through the 2000 pores in the feet.

Infrared Sauna for Cancer

   Sauna therapy not only feels great to be surrounded by warmth, but it also has amazing therapeutic benefits. It promotes sweating which helps to eliminate toxins such as heavy metals, chemicals, radioactive particles, and bacteria. It also helps improve circulation, decongest organs, create alkalinity, improves oxygenation, and promotes healing. It can help decrease lymphatic, and internal organ congestion. It also helps to create an alkaline environment in the body in which cancer cells can not live in.

   Research suggests that this type of deep heat has been known to help destroy tumors. After ten minutes of being in the sauna blood is shunted to the surface of the body, your heart rate goes up and the body begins to sweat. At this point weaker cells (such as cancer cells) may begin to die more quickly. Cancer cells cannot dissipate the heat, because their vascular system is not organized. Therefore for these pathogenic organisms are then disabled.

For more information...

 Infrared Sauna

Cancer Prayer Support Group

  When you have cancer it is important to do whatever you can to help your body heal. Come and join with others who are going through the same thing as you. Spiritual warfare is one of the most important processes in your healing. Giving God complete control, and praying for healing in the name of Jesus with other believers is what we are commissioned to do by Jesus him self.

   This prayer support group consists of weekly meetings for you and your support team.  At these meetings you get together to pray for each other, and activate spiritual warfare.

   These classes are lead by Naturopathic Doctor and Cancer Care Wellness Minister Jessica Pawlowski.

Meetings are Every

 Thursday 2:00 pm

Please Call to Register

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The Devil Whispered 

in my ear 

"Your not strong enough

to withstand the storm"

Today I whispered in the 

Devils ear

"I am the Storm"



Holistic Cancer Support Group

   Learn how to help your body beat cancer by using the gifts God has given us. These meetings you are not only surrounded by people who are going through the same things you are, but you will also be attending a structured class lead by a Naturopathic Doctor who will help teach you and your support team how to support your body while healing from cancer. 

   This Cancer Support Group consists of weekly meetings. At these meetings you will learn how to become a "Cancer Warrior" and learn how to heal the body from the "roots up".

Meetings are Every

Thursday 4:00 pm

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The information provided here is intended for educational purposes only. It is not meant to either directly or indirectly diagnose, give

 medical advice or prescribe treatment. There is no guarantee that these therapies will improve your condition, or lengthen your life.