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Color Tonation Room

Color Tonation 

Before your vibration incarnates into a human body it is basically a beam of white light in a ethereal state. Then it is ready to incarnate into a physical body (our soul). When our soul's white-light vibration is placed in our physical body it breaks down into separate pockets of energy. These smaller pockets of energy vibrate to different frequencies which resonate to the seven main colors of the rainbow. Each pocket of color energy is a chakra. Each chakra of color has a unique vibrational pattern that it vibrates and resonates to. When these energies are out of sync, specific colors can be applied to restore the vibrational imbalance.

Color therapy is considered a vibrational medicine. It is known as Chromotherapy, and dates back to 2000 B.C. in Egypt, Greece, and India. Light is energy. Each color is a different energy wavelength, which are different frequencies. Each organ, limb, and tissue has a specific pattern of vibration. When these patterns of vibration. When these patterns of vibration are deviated from a normal vibration, these organs and body parts will not function normally.

Therefore health and balance may be restored by using wavelengths of color that have a specific vibration that corresponds to the body's healthy vibration that corresponds to the body's healthy vibrations. Color can be applied by colored lights, this is  called "Color Tonations". These sessions are performed in a heated room, and take an hour.

Color tonations work by healing the body's aura. The aura is the energy field that surrounds and extends from the physical body by the electrochemical cellular activity of the body. The auric field is the exact reflection of the cellular activity within the body. Any illness, pain, infection, attack, shock or breakdown in the body will result in a change in the aura. When a body part is tonated, the aura transmites this healing to the physical cells of the body, and therefore heals the body.

Contraindication: Menstruating unless working reproductive system.

Cost: $10 for an hour.