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Tree of Life

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"Healing from the Roots Up"

Energy Work

    The energy field is intimately associated with a person's health and well-being. If a person is unhealthy, it will show in the energy field as an unbalanced flow of energy and/or stagnated energy that has ceased to flow. The healing process includes rebalancing the field, changing the living habits and dealing with the initiating trauma.

    Any discomfort anywhere in your body/life is a direct message to you about how you are out of alignment with your true self.

    Thoughts affect our energy field, which in turn affect our bodies and our health. We create our own experience of reality. Illness can be seen as a message from your body to you that says, "Wait a minute,, something is wrong, you are not listening to your whole self: you are ignoring something very important to you."

    We are not only a physical body but are also an emotional, mental, and spiritual body.
All physical dis-ease before manifesting on a physical level was first an emotional, mental or spiritual weakness.

    Attending to the discomfort you feel puts you back into balance and therefore health. Without personal change on an energetic level you may never heal or may create another problem all together. To deal with the source usually requires a life change that ultimately leads to a personal life more connected to the core of one's being. Our job is to learn to listen, and allow ourselves to heal "from the roots up".

Light Healing Touch

Our body has an energy field around us known as our aura. This field represents all that is around us, including not only the energy that is absorbed by our physical bodies, but also our emotional, mental, spiritual, and etherical bodies. When energy is stagnant or not flowing into our aura's these areas can begin to shut down due to the lack of energy from the universe.

Light Healing Touch is an energy session that helps to re-balance this energy field. It focuses on movements above the body helping to cleanse these layers of the aura field allowing energy to better flow through them. It also helps to decongest the chakras or (energy centers) including those that are associated with the master glands of the endocrine system.


In order for a person to heal on a physical level, we need to make sure the body is healthy on all other levels also. If there is an imbalance in the auric field, the physical body may not be able to heal until these other areas are healed.

Light Healing Touch uses subtle energetic moves including: energetic unruffling, chakra connection, chakra spreading, and mind balancing. Each session lasts one hour, and may incorporate other energy healing practices.

1 Hour $55

Meridian Balancing

Meridians are pathways that run through the body carrying subtle energy that influences the mental, physical, and spiritual bodies. Based on the idea that the human body is made up of various circuits extending between the brain and the various systems of the body. These different circuits control the body's major functions, such as circulation, digestion, hormone secretion, excretion, and learning. 

These energy pathways can come out of balance thereby creating a detour. These detours can cause the body more energy to accomplish simple tasks. It is important to re-tune the body and make such these energy pathways are running correctly.

Meridian balancing is a technique to re-establish these proper energy pathways. By touching and tapping these precise points on the body, the disrupted informational circuits can reconnect to restored back to normal.

 1   Hour $55

Emotional Release

This is a holistic treatment that uses essential oils on different chakras and organs  to help release emotional memory that is stored in the body. These unresolved emotions can manifest into physical problems if not released.

In many situations physical healing may not occur do to emotional baggage that the body may be hanging on to. All organs of the body are associated with different positive and negative emotions Negative emotions have a low vibration to them that can make a organ unhealthy.

Essential oils have a higher vibration then negative emotions. By applying these oils to the body, these organs have no choice but to raise their vibration to a higher level matching these oils. Thereby enabling the body to release these negative emotions.

1  Hour $65

Emotional Dialog

The mind can shut down the flow of Chi (emotion) which can shut down the flow of the body. Illness can be a  manifestation in the subconscious mind. These are the things you may have forgotten. These subconscious thoughts can have a big impact on your health. If not expressed, these thoughts may manifest and come out as a disease. The body reflects what is going on in the mind. If these thoughts are not resolved, healing may not be able to occur. This may be the only reason that the body is not healing. We are not only a physical body, but are also a mental, emotional, spiritual, and etherical body. 

   The purpose of emotional dialog is to reveal the underlying cause of a person's illness or problem. The source of the illness in most chronic cases lies in the mind, in the choices a person is making about their reality, and about the reality of their world. When we are able to see the root of the illness, then we are able to understand where the problem lies and correct it. The healing power of nature can then restore the vitality, health and balance of the whole person.

   Emotional dialog can help to open the channels of healing by allowing one to express feelings, and find the root causes of the emotions that may need to be worked out in order for healing to occur.

  1 Hour $55

Color Therapy

The use of color can be used to balance the energy center of the body. The body absorbs most forms of color through the visual cortex of the brain. The visual cortex of the brain has all the blood in the body pass through its blood vessels every two hours. Therefore every two hours this biological process exposes visual color to every cell, muscles, organs, and bones in your body.

    Color can be applied to the  body to stimulate a response in the chakras bringing it's energy back helping to strengthen and recharge your energy system. Color Therapy can be done with color cloths or colored lights, and can be done alone or in conjunction with sound therapy. 

 1 Hour $55

Sound Therapy

It is a vibrational energy healing technique. Our nervous system and our energy field are profoundly affected by vibration, sound, tone, and frequency. Before the ears hear sound, it is first received by our auric field which is the energy field around our bodies. The auric field then sends these chi impulses to the nervous system through our vibrational fields which include our physical bodies, mind, spirit and emotional vibratory fields. Sound creates emotional and thought provoking responses, and effects every cell in our bodies by rearranging our molecules. Sound therapy includes the use of tuning forks, voice analysis,  and sound therapy CDs .It can be done alone or combined with color therapy. 

1  Hour $55

Polarity Therapy

Polarity is the life energy currents that flow through our bodies. Disease can result from an imbalance or blockage of these energy currents in our bodies. In order for total healing to take place, the energy blockage needs to be stimulated, released, and balanced.

   Polarity Therapy incorporates the theory of the five natural elements; Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. These correlate with the 12 meridians of the body (the energy pathways), and the Chakras (energy centers) of the body. 

   This is a general balancing session stimulating the long vertical currents of energy by contacts at various negative, positive, and neuter poles. It is based on the theory that there is a pattern of energy in the human body which forms a matrix, or blueprint that the body uses when healing itself. It works to release energy blocks, and balance the flow of energy so that the natural healing con take place.

 1 Hour $55

Magnet Therapy

Magnet Therapy is a non-invasive therapy that uses bi-polar 1200 gauge magnets to help correct imbalances of the body naturally.  Each bi-polar magnet has a north pole (negative) and a south pole (positive). Each cell of the body also contain a positive and negative charges.

    Magnets can help ease pain in the body, reduce inflammation, kill viruses, and create overall health in the cells. When magnets are applied to the body, the body is energetically encouraged to redirect the flow of energy going through it, even within each cell. It can also help to strengthen the flow of energy through the meridians.

Hour $55

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the  art of the placement of furniture and décor around the house in order to help enhance the flow of energy that flows throughout the home. Your home is the energetic reflection of your body.  Some times your health may be ailing do to the Feng Shui of your home.

A Feng Shui assessment includes filling out a questionnaire about your home, drawing a diagram of your home including your property, and all levels, and fill out information about your health problems. We will then visit your home. I will asses your home then give you some suggestions on how to improve the flow of energy throughout your home. This information not only helps your home, but can also influence your healing.

 1 Hour $55