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Foot Soak Room

Ionic Foot Detox

An ionic foot detox helps to remove toxins, heavy metals, and cellular waste from the body. This process is painless and takes approximately 30 minutes. An ionic foot detox involves filling a foot bath tub with clean water, then sea salt is added, this sea salt works as a conductor. An array is then connected to the ionic foot cleanse unit and is placed in the water. This results in positive and negatively charged ions being circulated throughout the body. These ions act like magnets to attract the oppositely charged ions of toxins, heavy metals, and cellular waste. These toxins are then excreted through the 2000 pores of the feet in to the water.

Contraindications include: If client has a pace maker, on heart arrhythmia medication, pregnant or lactating.

Cost: $25

Foot Soaks

Depending on what toxins need to be removed, certain ingredients are added to water to soak the feet in to release specific toxins that are stored in the body. These ingredients can help to pull these toxins out of the body through the 2000 pores in the feet.

Cost: $25