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"Healing from the Roots Up"

    Naturopathy uses natural healing agencies such as air, sunshine, water, light, heal rest, exercise, natural organic foods, vitamins, minerals, herbs, essential oils, homeopathics, flower remedies and therapies such as body and energy work. It does not make use of synthetic or inorganic vitamins, minerals, drugs, narcotics, surgery or vaccines.

    Naturopathy believes in the prevention of disease and the preservation of health by teaching people how to live healthier lives and empowering people to look for the roots of imbalances, enabling the body to heal from the "roots up".

    The first thing a Naturopath looks at is the bodies "constitution". Just as the health of a plant depends on the health of the soil in which it grows, so to the body depends on the constitution which is the inherent physical and emotional make up of the body. This is our genetic inheritance in which makes us up. These include all things passed down to us from our ancestors. Positive things such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats, and the directions on how to make healthy organs, along with negative things such as toxins, incorrect directions for the body to make healthy organs, and even emotions. This is what we've been brought into the world with and is our first predisposition to having a healthy or unhealthy body.

    Next, a Naturopath looks at the bodies "Biological Terrain". This is the fluids that our bodies cells bath in. This includes blood, saliva, lymph fluid, and cerebral spinal fluid. This is where our body's cells are fed, and also where our body's cells are able to excrete their waste.

    Thirdly a Naturopath looks at "Environmental Stresses", these are roots of all disease. There are four basic root causes: Trauma, Toxicity, Nutritional Deficiencies, and Mental and Emotional Stress.

    The body is a self healing organism. If we simply, cleanse or build the person's constitution making sure the soil is clean and well fed, balance the bodies biological terrain which our cells are living in, and address the environmental stresses which are the roots of disease, we are then able to "Heal from the  Roots Up".


Holistic Services

First Time Health Visit
The first time Health visit is an hour appointment in which a health form is filled out including information such as health history, and a current list of current medications and supplements. It is a good idea to bring all the medications and supplements your are currently taking. This is the time we will talk about what naturopathy is and discuss your health form.
At this time we will discuss food, vitamins, minerals and why we use herbs to help heal the body. At the end of this session, it is your choice whether you want to follow through with the next appointment which would be  a Health Evaluation to further investigate your current health condition.
 $55 per Hour

Natural Health Evaluation

This is the second appointment for all Natural Health Clients. Please bring a sample of your first morning urine in a closed container. This session includes the evaluation of the outside of the body such as tongue, face, pulse, finger and toe nail analysis, and glandular body typing. 

   By looking at these outside clues helps us to better understand what is going on inside the body. We will also be testing your saliva, and urine pH to check your biological terrain. This will tell us about the fluids your cells are bathing in. It will also tell us about your mineral composition in your body.

   The next appointment that follows is a Health Assessment. At the end of the Health Assessment, a program will then be suggested to help improve your health naturally.

$55 per Hour

Health Assessment:

After an evaluation the client is then recommended to come in for a Health Assessment. This allows the practitioner to better assess the clients health by further investigating the body's organs, nutritional content, exposure to toxins, hormones, amino acids, chakras, and meridians through Muscle Testing.

We will also be doing Iridology and Sclerology to determine constitutional deficiencies, and signs of acute problems.

   With all this information that has been obtained, the Practitioner is then able to put together some suggestions for a Natural Health Program to help improve your health naturally, and allow the body to "Heal from the Roots Up."

 $55 per Hour

Re-Check Appointments

It is recommended that a client on a Natural Health Program come in every month to re-evaluate their program and reassess their bodies state of health. It also includes natural health therapies such as bodywork, energy work, etherical healing modalities, and cleansing therapies to help heal the body holistically. 

 $55 per Hour

Acute Consultation

This service is for when a person has an acute problem and just needs a quick consultation to be muscle tested to find out what supplements would be suggested to help the body heal. 

$35 Half and Hour

Cancer Health Consultation
This is a full three hour health consultation, including nutrition counseling, metabolic typing, pH testing, evaluations, and assessments. All this information is used to help create a specific program to help your body fight and heal from cancer.
$150 Three Hours
Assessment Discriptions

pH Testing

Includes a saliva and urine reading that shows the chemistry of the body. The body is alkaline by design, but because there are chemical reactions that produce acid waste, we are slightly acidic. Your saliva and urine should be between 6.4 - 7.0.

Muscle Testing

Also known as Applied Kinesiology, this  is a non-invasive assessment tool. The practitioner lightly pushes down on the clients outstretched arm as certain organs or nutritional test points are touched, and often the organ name, or nutrition is spoken. We know that the body reacts emotionally when it hears truth, but there is indeed a physiological reaction to truth as well. Whenever the body hears truth, every dendrite in the body tissue rises, and gives rigidity to the tissue. The implication, as the body part is touched and named, is that it is healthy. If it is indeed true, the arm will remain strong. But if an organ has a weak current state because of a virus, injury, etc., the declaration of health for that organ from the naturopath will be a false statement, and there will be no dendrite movement, no tissue rigidity, and a weak arm will result. The same happens when the body is contact with toxins, hormones, foods, etc.

Iridology and Sclerology

Is based on the study of the iris and sclera of the eye to determine tissue weakness, and the body's  predisposition to weaknesses. It is not a treatment therapy but rather an assessment tool used to detect underlying signs of developing dis-ease. Iridology is used to determine health problems at their earliest stages in order to prevent illness  and

                                           maintain optimum wellness.     

Holistic Therapies

Once a Client is on a program some times they are testing for certain therapies. These include holistic therapies, bodywork, energy work, or therapeutic spa therapy. These therapies can help to heal a person not only on the physical level, but also emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etherically, and even genetically. This is true "holistic healing".

Detoxifying Foot Soaks

Soaking in water is wonderful for re-mineralizing and alkalizing the body, breaking up calcium deposits, and is a good way to detoxify the body of chemicals and heavy metals, along with pulling cellular waste, viruses and bacteria.


1/2 Hour $25

Raindrop Therapy

Is a powerful, non-invasive tool for assisting the body in correcting the curvature of the spine by utilizing the antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory action of several key essential oils. It has been beneficial with alleviating back pain and boosting the immune system. 

   The oils are dispensed like little drops of rain from a height of about six inches above the back and then are very lightly massaged along the vertebrae and back muscles. They are also applied to the reflex points of the spine along the feet, and certain oils are massaged into the legs to open the digestive and eliminatory systems.

   The healing process from this therapy will continue to work for the entire body for up to a week or two after the treatment. Other oils can also be used for other health ailments such as a Cool Raindrop Treatment for inflammation.

 1 Hour $75

Allergies Corrections

This is a non-invasive allergy testing that can be done by muscle testing offensive substances in the presence of the body's energy field. Then the allergy can be corrected through Meridian tapping and the rebalancing of the body's energy centers. 

 $55 per Hour

Body System Balancing Therapy

This is a hands on non-invasive technique that corrects faults in the body which causes disorganization within the nervous system. Based on the idea that the human body is made up of various circuits extending between the brain and the various systems of the body. These different circuits control the body's major functions, such as circulation, digestion, hormone secretion, excretion and learning.

 1 Hour $55