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Meditation Room

Meditation is a time honored and effective method of bringing a state of consciousness in which one stops awareness of the surroundings so the mind can focus,  which leads to rest and relief from stress. During meditation, as the mind calms and clears, the body relaxes and energy flows. Clearing the mind allows deep knowing to emerge. This is one of the primary purposes of meditation. This deep knowing (spiritual guidance) and clear awareness can allow for openness to inner truth and deep knowing.

When the mind is uncluttered by thoughts and concerns a sense of mental relaxation can occur. Meditation changes your brain chemistry and alters your consciousness so that you naturally relax and gain a different perspective. When you practice mediation on a regular basis you become more intuitive, less anxious, and become a more capable and peaceful person.

Come and use our Meditation Room. Our meditation room is equipped with Meditation protocols, yoga mats, meditation pillow, sound therapy equipment,  and meditation CD's

Cost: $10 for an hour.