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Psychological Spiritual Counseling

Carleen Goetze 

Certified Holistic Healer, Psychological Spiritual Counselor, Empowerment Coach

   We are a holistic body composed of not only a physical body, but also an energetic, mental, spiritual and emotional body. If any of these bodies are out of balance they can create a ripple effect bringing the other bodies out of balance.

   Emotional health is an important part of overall health. People who are emotionally healthy are in control of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. They are able to cope with life’s challenges. This doesn’t mean they are happy all the time, they still feel stress, anger, and sadness, but know how to manage their negative feelings.
   Trapped emotions can interfere with our every day lives, and/or physical bodies if left unchecked causing physical tension, energetic blockages, unexplained emotional reactions; including phobias, random outbursts or crying, anxiety, depression, and other forms of emotional stress.
   By releasing these trapped emotions,  can help one to feel love and happiness again, which are forms of positive, healing energies. By bringing back love into one’s body, mind, and soul, through various forms of energy work, chakra opening and balancing, freedom techniques such as forgiveness, journaling, positive affirmations through expression and movement you can reach your full emotional healing potential.
   At the Tree of Life Natural Health Center we have taken our emotional health one step deeper by inviting Carleen Goetze a Holistic Healer, Spiritual Psychology Counselor, and Empowerment Coach to join our health business. She was born and raised in Harbor Beach, MI. In 2016 she followed her inner voice, and explored her natural gifts by picking up and moving to Shasta California, where she attended the University of Mt. Shasta, where she received her certification in Holistic Healing, Spiritual Psychology Counseling, and Empowerment Coaching. Since her schooling she just moved back to Harbor Beach, MI to share her gifts with us.    
   She specializes as a Holistic Healer, helping to improve mental health by targeting trapped emotions that are causing emotional and/or physical stress, by helping the body to release these emotions, clear energetic blocks, educate, coach, and be an accountability partner throughout this journey.
   When we look at the term psychology, it is referring to a person’s ego which includes the mind, behavior, and emotions. Spiritual psychology counseling is where the soul, mind, life, and spirit are studied and reconnected. It focuses on releasing trapped emotions that can interfere with our every day lives, and/or physical bodies.
    Working as an empowerment coach she helps one accomplish their dreams, by helping connect them to their inner power, interpreting, and clearing any energetic blockages, discussing ideas, making plans, creating vision boards, sorting out problems, and cheering, and supporting as one goes through their own personal journey of healing.
   She provides services such as energetic exercises, energy work, light touch therapy, visualization techniques, emotional release, meditation practices, and inner child dialog.

Empowerment Coaching
Together we will discuss your goals for the future and determine how to achieve them through various exercises and energy work.
1  1/2 Hours $65

Energy Balancing and Opening
Clearing energetic blockages that are disrupting the flow of energy throughout the body with light touch therapy, visualizations, emotional release, and various forms of expression.
1 1/2 Hours $75

Inner Acceptance and Bonding
Educating and coaching you on how to connect your inner self and be a loving parent to your inner child through inner dialogue, emotional release therapy, meditation, and various forms of expression.
1 1/2 Hours $75

Targeted Emotional Release Therapy
Targeting trapped emotions that are causing emotional or physical stress and learning what needs to be known about it in order to fully release it.
1 1/2 Hours $75

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