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Tree of Life

 Natural Health Center

"Healing from the Roots Up"

Store Owner: Laura Daniel

Phone number: 

(989) 315 - 4206

Open: Monday - Thursday

           10 am - 2 pm

Welcome to the Tree of Life Herb Store

Vitamin Supplements

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                                                 Flower Remedies

                                                 Essential Oils

                                                 Natural Cleaning Products

                                                 Body Products  

                                                 and much more.

We carry Nature's Sunshine Products. We love this company because:

Each product goes through 70 Quality Control Tests. Every batch is tested to make sure that it is the actual Herb, it has active ingredients, that it doesn't contain radiation or pesticides. They taste it, smell it, run labs on it, and retest it over and over. They are the only company that insists every seller wash their Herbs before they come in, and their prices are cheap.

Another nice thing about Natures Sunshine is you can have the convenience  of having these products delivered right to your door.

Sign up today for your own Natures Sunshine Membership.

Call: 1-800-453-1422 or

Visit their website at:


If you order $60 worth of products you can sign up for a FREE year membership.

They ask you what type of membership you would like to create - Classic

They will ask you for a sponsor: Jessica Pawlowski # 2549983

They you will save 33% off your purchase.

You will always save 33% off your purchases for the entire year, and to renew your membership all you have to do is order $40 worth of product a year.

You can also make money if you become a distributor by giving someone else who is interested in their health your ID # so they can save too!!!

Please visit the website above to find out more.

We also carry Young Living Essential Oils